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    IN CORSO Winds of Numa Sera [Kickstarter chiusura 17 agosto 2024]

    Per 2-4 giocatori, An engine-building strategy board game, where you grow your kingdom, customize your heroes, and race to define your legacy Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1691151759/winds-of-numa-sera-the-board-game?ref=bggpremiumbutton Bgg...
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    FUTURO Magic Jungle [Kickstarter]

    Embark on a mystical adventure through an enchanted rainforest in this exciting board game for 2-5 players. Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atnmdigital/magic-jungle?ref=discovery_category_newest?ref=discovery
  3. Naftalino

    FUTURO The Way by Endorphin Games [Gamefound]

    Per 1-5 giocatori, "will you follow the honorable path of the samurai, find tranquility in a Zen garden, or embrace the grace of a geisha? For the daring, the shadows offer stealth and cunning. Master skills and acquire symbols as each turn presents new challenges. The Way awaits—will you emerge...
  4. Naftalino

    FUTURO Dungeon Rummy [Kickstarter]

    Per 1-4 giocatori, Dungeon Rummy is the first game set in the Misfits Universe. Four reckless (and not-so-great) heroes have decided to throw themselves against (not so) fearsome foes in search of the greatest reward there is: bragging rights at the local pub. Each player has their own deck of...
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    Informazioni Saltfjord [reimplementazione di Santa Maria]

    In arrivo a gennaio 2025 Saltfjord, che reimplementa Santa Maria ridesegnandone alcune meccaniche ed espandendolo (a detta dei designer). Prevendita di alcune copie a Essen 2024. Bgg https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/422674/saltfjord Impressioni in Tana su Santa Maria...
  6. Naftalino

    FUTURO Orbit Master [Kickstarter]

    Per 2-5 giocatori, Orbit Master is a trick-taking, matching card game in which players choose one of the signs of the Zodiac to restore the celestial order. The first player to bring the other 11 signs under their house, wins the game and becomes the new orbit master! Kickstarter Pagina non...
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    IN CORSO Band of Brothers: Stalin's Favorite [Kickstarter chiusura 20 luglio 2024]

    Gioco Standalone per la serie Band of Brothers, stavolta ambientato sul front est. Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1456271622/band-of-brothers-stalins-favorite?ref=discovery_category_newest?ref=discovery_category_newest Bgg...
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    IN CORSO Hamburg, Amsterdam, New York City, and Marrakesh - Stefan Feld City Collection - Classic: Special Edition [Kickstarter chiusura 23 luglio 2024]

    The Stefan Feld City Collection is a multi-year collaboration between the designer Stefan Feld and publisher Queen Games. The collection entails both re-designed versions of classic titles, and new designs. Since games 1-4 of the SFCC (Hamburg, Amsterdam, New York City, and Marrakesh) are high...
  9. Naftalino

    IN CORSO Iwo Jima 1945 [Kickstarter chiusura 30 luglio 2024]

    Per gli amanti dei wargame in solitario, la Old School Wargames (branca della Worthington Publishing dedicata ai giochi Hex and Counters old school) promette una grande esperienza di gioco concentrata in un'ora. Kickstarter...
  10. Naftalino

    IN CORSO Piri Piri Summoners [Kickstarter chiusura 25 luglio 2024]

    Per 2-4 giocatori, gioco di carte con puzzilli fatti a mano Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/woodas/piri-piri-summoners-a-wooden-shifty-tile-placement-game?ref=discovery_category_popular?ref=discovery_category_popular Bgg https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/415128/piri-piri-summoners
  11. Naftalino

    Informazioni Fishing by Friedemann Friese

    Il folletto verde farà uscire un nuovo giochetto di carte con meccanica Trick-taking In Fishing, you try to catch as many tricks as possible over eight rounds, with each card you catch being worth 1 point. You then use your caught cards for the next round — and if you didn't catch enough...
  12. Naftalino

    FUTURO The Fisherman [Kickstarter 17 agosto 2024]

    The Fisherman is a game designed for 2-4 players, aged 8 and up, where you take command of a fishing vessel and set sail towards unknown seas to capture the most coveted, largest, and possibly unknown species, all while trying to return safely to port, avoiding the dangers of the sea and the...
  13. Naftalino

    FUTURO Falling [Kickstarter]

    "A 1-4 player resources management & engine building board game. Artwork coming from the manga artist Tomohiro Tsugawa" Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sunnybird/falling-0?ref=discovery
  14. Naftalino

    FUTURO Biohazard: Raging Outbreak [Gamefound settembre 2024]

    Per 1-4 giocatori, "BIOHAZARD” is an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master fast paced strategy game with a interesting mix of mechanics. In a dystopic not-so-distant future, the world is rapidly getting infected by a extremely contagious biological pathogen, and players have been assigned different...
  15. Naftalino

    FUTURO Mayaco [Kickstarter]

    Colourful jungle-dungeon-crawler in the ruins of yucatan meets a profound eurogame-ressource-management (coop for 1-4 Maya). Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mayaco/mayaco?ref=discovery_category_newest?ref=discovery
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    FUTURO Pest: Guilds of Thokaia (Expansion and 2nd Edition) [Gamefound agosto 2024]

    La Archona Games pubblicherà la seconda edizione del gioco del 2023 Pest (per 1-5 giocatori) insieme ad una nuova espansione. "After carefully listening to all the feedback we received for our first print run, in this crowdfunding campaign, we will offer a reprint of the base game, a fix pack...
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    IN CORSO Echoes of Emperors [Kickstarter chiusura 25 luglio 2024]

    Per 2-4 giocatori, anche se disegnato fondamentale per il gico 1v1, "Echoes of Emperors is a strategic board game where players choose from four distinct civilizations: Norsemen, Byzantines, Mongols, or Scots. Maneuver your units to explore new lands, establish settlements for economic prowess...
  18. Naftalino

    IN CORSO Rise of Babel [Kickstarter chiusura 8 agosto 2024]

    Per 1-4 giocatori, "Become the builders of the greatest Tower known to man! Use elephants to transport resources, spend gold to upgrade your deck and acquire influence as you compete to gain the highest score. Assemble a deck of cards, tactically position resource tiles on the Tower of Babel...
  19. Naftalino

    Informazioni Asian Tigers: A Story of Prosperity (dagli autori di Madeira, Nippon, Panamax)

    Dagli autori di Panamax, Nippon e Madeira Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro e Paulo Soledade, in arrivo un nuovo piazzamento lavoratori per 1-4 giocatori a tema economico: "In Asian Tigers: A Story of Prosperity, you are an investor sponsored by each of the Asian Tigers, and your goal is to help these...
  20. Naftalino

    FUTURO Era of Tribes 2nd Edition + esp. Beliefs & Betrayals [Gamefound 2 novembre 2024]

    Dopo la campagna del 2019, Era of Tribes torna come seconda edizione con l'aggiunta di una espansione. Per 1-4 giocatori, "Era of Tribes" is an asymmetric worker-placement strategygame in the vein of Civilization for 1-4 players (1-6) where your goal is to discover, expand, develop and interact...
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